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I had a wonderful time shooting 'Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks.' It was a completely rewarding experience. It was my first time in St. Pete Clearwater and I was blown away by the beauty. The first night, there was a sunset that I couldn't believe. I asked the driver to pull over so I could take a picture. She looked at me strangely and said, 'I guess when we live here, we just take ‘em for granted.' Indeed. The sunsets take my breath away. The staff at the hotel has been uniformly great and the few locations that we did shoot throughout the town were great. The local police were very helpful, and the locals themselves were interested and respectful of what we were doing. It was a great experience with a great cast and crew, topped off by a lovely day. What more could you ask for?

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Cheyenne Jackson, Actor, May 2013

The St. Petersburg/Clearwater Film Commission is everything you’d expect – and so much more! Rock solid support. Responsive. Proactive. Whether you’re doing a gigantic feature film, commercial, infomercial or small indie shoot, the film commission’s team is there to support your production. Having worked with them for years I can tell you that their goal is to help make filming here as smooth and successful for you as possible – not just the first time but every time.

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Jonathan Chambers, Producer/UPM/Assistant Director

When you're planning and shooting broadcast spots, things change, and quick. The St. Petersburg/Clearwater Film Commission really understands this…they turn permits and information back to us in days, not weeks. Plus, they've developed such great relationships with locations and local municipalities that those organizations have bent over backwards to work with us. The Film Commission makes working in St. Petersburg and Clearwater the easiest part of our shoots. Now, if working with clients was only this simple…

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David Tiberia, Director/Senior Producer
Bluewater Media

I work as a location scout and producer and can always count on the Pinellas Film Office and our local municipal and government agencies to make shooting in the Tampa Bay area seamless. It is quite normal to be asked to find and secure a location very quickly. I have yet to be disappointed or had to tell a client "no." Everyone works very hard to make the productions that come to our area work!

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Leslie S. Webber, Location Manager

Having worked with the St. Pete/Clearwater Film Commission for the first time recently, I was very impressed with how easy they made things. Their website is easy to navigate, and Jonni was very quick responding to my emails and issuing permits for our locations. It was flawless! As someone who has recently started freelancing again, they made my re-entry into the production world a wonderful experience. St. Petersburg is lucky to have this team of professionals representing their city.

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Leslie Holland, Freelance Photo Stylist, Production Coordinator
Gainesville, FL